About Gallagher Surveys

Gallagher Surveys is the survey division of HRadvantage, the compensation and human resources consulting arm of Arthur J. Gallagher.  Our survey practice conducts national, regional and local compensation and benefits surveys conducted under one of our four regional brands; CompAnalysis, Stanton Group, Olney Associates and HRadvantage.  Gallagher Surveys has been producing compensation surveys for over forty years and with over 60 annual surveys, has grown into one of the one of the most respected providers of surveys to trade groups and associations.

About Olney/HRadvantage

Olney/HRadvantage is a pioneer in the field and has been publishing compensation surveys for over forty years.   We were one of the first to conduct surveys based on individual incumbent data, adopt the widespread use of electronic submissions, provide custom cuts and incorporate matched samples.  We publish over 50 annual, mid-year or quarterly editions of compensation surveys on behalf of associations, covering executive, management, professional and staff positions.  We bring extraordinary qualifications to these efforts at extremely reasonable prices.